Alibaba Cloud Academy

Lasst month, Alibaba launched their international version of online academy. I have heared of the Chinese version very long time ago. It looks like that Alicloud is following AWS to do the certification test and extending their international market. And there is an academy launch event.

official site

To be honest, the event does not very clear show any specific details. There is no specific rules, no specific criteria, and even no way to know I have successfully registered for that event. Anyway, couple days later, I received an email tell me that I have got the $30 USD coupon for 3 courses. And I tried to do them all as soon as possible.

To be honest, the courses are not as good as I expected. Even some of them can just be treated as prodect demo shows. The tests to get the certificates are just random multiple choice questions. And most of them are not relevent to the lecture videos.

I finished 2 courses on the launch day noght and another 2 in the very early following morning. I believe I did not learn too much from those courses.

Suprisingly, by the end of June, I got an another email from Alicloud Academy. It said I ranked number 10 and got the award.

official email

apsara clouder award

Actually, this is the revised version of certificate. They did have couple of errors in the first version. I just do not show it here.

In general, Alicloud Academy is a good start for Alibaba to do some kind of OPEN SOURCE thing. But as a top level company in China, they should pay more attention on details for every single product they published. Hope they can do better.

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